Kai Sehr's EDEKA campaign takes home 10 2018 Cannes Lions awards

"For a few days it was THE social-media topic in general: In Hamburg's Hafencity, an Edeka cleared all products from its shelves that are not from Germany. MEEDIA first reported that this was not an anti-racism action by a single market, but the set-up for a commercial shoot of the grocer and the Jung von Matt agency. Now the spot with the simple name "#Vielfalt" is online." Read more from the Meedia article here.

For the German grocer Edeka we created an eye opening experience to give shoppers a unique perspective on how important variety is to their everyday lives. We took all of the products that did not originate from Germany our of the store and then replaced the empty shelves with signs describing where specific products come from. We did this in a real active store with real shoppers, which led to some amazing reactions. Edeka won 10 Lions at Cannes 2018.

View Kai's EDEKA spot here.