Charley has directed more than 200 commercials for some of the biggest global brands like Microsoft, McDonalds, Toyota, Snickers, Adidas, Ford, Allianz, Garnier and Porsche. He also directed eight US Pentagon psychological awareness films for the education of Arabic youth as well as music promos and short movies. Charley directed/co-wrote the $15 Million feature film "Dead Fish", starring Oscar nominees Gary Oldman (Dracula, 5th Element) and Terence Stamp (The Limey, Superman), as well as Robert Carlyle (Trainspotting,The Full Monty, James Bond) and Spanish actress Elena Anaya (Almodovar's - In the Skin I live in). He's currently in development for a big budget sci-fi action movie out of London. In addition to directing, Charley has produced and written two Albums, Soulmate Sublime and Portraits, with Electronic Pop artist - The Maneken. In 2016, Charley's musical/visual collaboration with Star-DJ Kalkbrenner earned him his first Gold Record from BMG. Charley received a Masters Degree in visual communications. He began his career shooting for magazines such as Face and MAX (Covers), the brand Big Star Jeans and band Metallica. He has been a principal in Munich based GAP films for twenty years. UTA represents Charley for feature films.