Ben Gordon was born in London to North American parents and raised in the countryside near the small town of Mijas, in Andalusia. Following a BA at Hampshire College in Amherst MA, he returned to southern Spain to immerse himself in the Spanish culture he was deprived of in the expat community of his childhood. While pouring his energy into his photography, he made a living working his way up in the camera department in the area's booming service industry. Soon he started working as a director of photography on shorts and low-budget features, while his first foray into directing, the short film "La Bola Peluda" ("The Hairy Ball"), took home the audience award in the Malaga Fantastic Film Festival and was distributed by Canal+. The next years saw him writing scripts while continuing to hone his directing skills with more short films and spec ads. In 2009 he was offered two zero-budget virals, one of which brought home multiple awards, notably two golds at the Caples Awards, FIAP and a shortlisting in Cannes. Based on the strength of these pieces, the car company Seat entrusted him with the pan-european, multi-platform launch of the Ibiza ST car, a six-week shoot where he directed two units and a team of editors across nine countries in Europe. His recent work on the viral campaign “Bus Stop” for Coca Cola, shortlisted for a Cannes Lions, and the Book of Mum brand film “Three Pregnant Dads” gained media attention worldwide.