Bartley is a native Angeleno, born and raised in the San Fernando Valley. After graduating Cal State Northridge with a BA in Cinema & Television Arts, he studied acting while waiting on tables (how original!). Always more interested in the filmmaking process itself, his desires quickly changed to solely working behind the camera, although his studies as an actor have proven valuable as they translate to a specific language with actors that comes across on screen. Barley’s work is a blend of cinematic visuals and life-like stories, ‘drama with a twinkle’ is a sweet spot of his work – real, heart-felt moments that tend to have a glimmer of humor. He was chosen as one of the new directors in SHOOT magazine’s New Directors Showcase for 2018 thanks to his ‘Fort’ spot for Airbnb. Barley Currently lives in Los Angeles with his boyfriend and their German shepherd, Dutch.