Alexander Paul’s path to becoming a Director was typically atypical. Although Alexander’s heart was in art and photography, his father had a different career planned for his son. Alexander became an MBA, finishing as one of the best in his year with his thesis published as a book. His dream of working in a creative environment was still strong so Alexander decided to start his career as driver in the film business. Dad did not talk to him for a year and Alexander today claims to have been the worst driver who ever set foot in a production bay. Soon Alexander opened his own production house and made it to one of the largest production companies in Germany. In those 15 years he produced hundreds of commercials shooting all over the planet. He would probably even have gone to the moon if you ́d asked him to. Alexander’s creative skills were much in demand while creatively packaging jobs, writing scripts and treatments for the same. Soon he was asked by Mercedes-Benz to cut to the chase and direct himself. Feeling his dreams finally come true Alexander closed his company to focus on directing. Once realized as his chosen profession started an international directing career having won him national and international awards. Even ten years after making the move Alexander longs for creative development. “It ́s so much fun to listen and learn. I collect, experience, doubt, question, rethink, discuss. I need to keep my mind and my work fresh.” Primarily known for his car work, Alexander brings his knowledge of life, people, their demands and stories as well as his unique and wonderful visual eye to a broader spectrum of work these days.